Transportable satellite communication station


  • antenna post;
  • device module with station control system;
  • Ku-band transmitting and receiving equipment;
  • field power supply;
  • set of connecting cables;
  • reserve set of instruments and tools (single);
  • set of operational documents.

Technical specifications

The satellite communication station is designed for organizing a high-speed data transmission channel by communicating and broadcasting spacecrafts for civil purposes in Ku- and C-frequency bands located on geostationary orbit.


Mobile satellite communication station
Antenna post consists of:
  • antenna reflector 1.2m on a motorized base
  • magnetic compass
  • engine control unit
  • position sensors
Receiving and transmitting microwave equipment consist of:
  • Ku-band microwave equipment
  • C-band microwave equipment
Station control system consists of:
  • station control unit
  • satellite modem
  • operator’s workstation
  • VoIP gateway
  • interface converter Eth/E1 Astarta iBase TDMoIP gateway
  • intercom unit
  • power supply
Technical specifications

A mobile dual-band satellite station is designed to organize high-speed satellite communication channels in C and Ku-bands using VSAT technology through communication spacecrafts located on geostationary orbit. A station can be operated in difficult climatic conditions.


The ship satellite station is designed to organize a duplex high-speed satellite communication


  • Gyro-stabilized antenna post with radio-transparent shelter;
  • Device stand (19’):

- Antenna control unit;

- Satellite modem;

- Ethernet switch;

- Router;

- Uninterruptable power source.

Technical specifications

The ship satellite station is designed to organize a duplex high-speed satellite communication channel in Ku-band in directions "ship-to-shore", "ship-to-ship" by using VSAT technology through satellites-repeaters located on geostationary orbit.

  • withstands wind loads up to 216 km / h in all directions;
  • ensures normal operation under shockwave conditions.


The mobile video broadcasting kit


  • satellite communication station 1.2V2;
  • mobile telecommunication complex;
  • set of additional equipment for the C-band;
  • field power supply;
  • set of video sources equipment;
  • set of mounting parts;
  • portable operator’s workstation;
  • electrical unit;
  • tent for equipment;
Technical specifications

The mobile video broadcasting kit is designed for organizing video broadcasting on the ground, as well as video conferencing in open mode through spacecrafts of the broadband satellite network.
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